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With the years of experience and vast knowledge, we are involved in trading, distributing, supplying and exporting a huge array of High Quality Of HGH Kigtropin (Recombinant Human Growth Hormone) in Jining, Shandong, China. KIGTROPIN is produced by recombinant DNA technology in E.coli secretion expression system. KIGTROPIN has the same amino acid sequence with 191 residues as the native human growth hormone produced in the human body.

Growth failure or children due to endogenous growth hormone deficiency.
In adults with growth hormone deficiency, KIGTROPIN reduces fat mass, increases muscle mass and improves energy, vitality and subjective well-being. In patients suffering from severe burns, AIDS associated muscle wasting, or undergoing major operations, KIGTROPIN promotes wound healing, attenuates the protein-catabolic response and improves whole-body nitrogen condition after operation.
Keep at 2~8oC in the refrigerator, away from light.
Before reconstitution:
–If refrigerated between 2~8oC, ita s good until expiration date.
–At room temperature (under 37oC) ita s good for over 30days.
After reconstitution:
–Use Bacteriostatic Water to reconstitute and keep in 2~8oC, it will be good for 20days.
–Use Sterile Water to reconstitute and keep in 2~8oC, it will be good for 72 hours.
Tube-shaped antibiotics glass bottle, 10 bottles/inner box


Safely Order HGH Kigtropin  Online

Somatropin is a form of human growth hormone. HGH is important for the growth of bones and muscles, and is used to treat growth failure in children and adults lacking natural HGH, and in those with chronic kidney failure, Noonan syndrome, Turner syndrome, Prader-Willi syndrome, short stature at birth with no catch-up growth, and other causes. Somatropin is also used to prevent severe weight loss in people with AIDS, or to treat short bowel syndrome.

How to use Kigtropin 100iu;

You need insulin syringe for using humatrope

1IU= 10cc

Growth Hormone Side efffects

  • In some instances treatment with somatropin may cause
  • headache
  • tiredness
  • redness, soreness, swelling, rash, itching, pain, or bruising at the injection sites
  • arms or legs pain
  • joint stiffness or pain
  • muscle pain
  • cold symptoms like stuffy nose, sneezing, or sore throat
  • Adverse side effects
  • increased heart rate
  • severe pain in the upper stomach spreading to the back,
  • nausea and vomiting
  • increased thirst,
  • increased urination,
  • hunger, dry mouth,
  • fruity breath odour,
  • drowsiness, dry skin,
  • blurred vision, and weight loss
  • sudden and severe pain behind the eyes
  • vision changes
  • swelling in the head, face, hands, or feet
  • numbness or tingling in wrists, hands, or fingers

Growth Hormone Overdose

Overdose can cause tremors, shaking, cold sweats, hunger, headache, drowsiness, weakness, dizziness, fast heartbeat, and nausea. Long-term overdose may cause excessive growth.Buy HGH Kigtropin Online

Missed dose

Use the missed dose as soon as you remember unless it is almost time for the next scheduled dose. Do not use extra medicine to make up the missed dose.

Call your doctor if you miss more than 3 doses in a row.Buy HGH Kigtropin Online


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